Our services:

Applications and Solutions, for New, Renewable and Smart Energy

  • Design, Construction, Installation and Supply of New and Renewable Energy Plants

  • Advanced Solutions provides your business how to produce self-sufficient, clean, and more affordable energy from the Sun utilizing Solar Systems for CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) Increasing

  • Energy Savings Solutions, utilizing Smart Lighting Systems for OPEX (Operational Expenditure) Savings.

  • Money, Time. Energy Save all of them with Advanced Solutions

  • Operation and Maintenance of their own.

Applications and solutions, for network and security systems

  • Design, Construction, Installation and Supply of Control / Security Systems and Internal Control Cameras and the Work of Networks and Operation / Maintenance of their own

Technical and Engineering Consulting

  • Projects, Performance and Asset Management

  • Provide Electrical Consulting Services EPC (Engineering – Procurement – Construction)