Qualification Certificate

No. (305) – Company Code (295)

Ministry of Electricity & Energy – New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) – EGYPT  

Certifies that (EVERGREEN TECHNOLOGY COMPANY) Commercial Register (78107) is Qualified to Work in the Supply, Installation, Operation, Maintenance and Interconnection of Solar Cell Systems with a Capacity of up to 500 K.W. Associated with the National Electrical Grid, where the Company Performs the Following Works for Customers: –

  • Provide a presentation that includes the technical and standard specifications of the components of the Solar Cell System.

  • Conclude the contract between the client and the company.

  • Obtaining the necessary approvals from the electricity distribution company in accordance with the technical requirements and regulations issued in this regard.

  • Implementation of the required installations in accordance with the professional rules and the standards and regulations applicable in this regard.

  • Operation and testing of all equipment and delivery of Solar Cell System in the presence of both the client and the representative of the distribution company with the delivery of the client all the drawings and catalogs of the equipment in addition to the maintenance catalogs and a detailed explanation for the maintenance of the periodical and preventive, as well as all bulletins and documentation relating to the conditions for the safeguarding and maintenance of equipment.

  • Placement of safety instructions on equipment and fittings with training of personnel on intervention actions and Solar Cell System insurance

  • Submit a draft maintenance contract after the end of the total warranty period for the Solar Cell System to the client if requested.

  • carrying out the necessary repairs in accordance with the contract between the client and the company.