About us

Evergreen Group is consisting of:

  • Canada’s Evergreen Inc. Toronto – Canada – 2014
  • Evergreen Technology Ltd.         Cairo – Egypt – 2014
  • Smart Solar Energy LLC. Dubai – UAE – 2019

All are subsidiaries of Evergreen Group

Our Focus on:

  • Smart & Solar Energy Business,
  • Security Systems Business
  • Engineering Consultations Business

Evergreen Group dedicated to being excellence in the fields of:

  • Renewable & Sustainable Energy Solutions
    • Smart Energy – Solar & Lighting Solutions
  • Security Systems Solutions
    • Structured Cabling, Security Cameras, Fiber Optics and Access Control
  • Engineering Consultations
    • Asset & Performance Management

Our Vision:

  • A global leader in providing innovative Smart, Solar and Renewable energy solutions & network systems and security cameras
  • Evergreen is committed to providing high-quality and efficient products and services with superior support.

Our Mission:

  • Act Responsibility: we are taking responsibility of enabling a sustainable future by accelerating the adoption of Solar Technology and Security Systems.
  • Drive Innovation: innovation and quality are key characteristics of our products for solar and Security solutions
  • Be Customer Friendly and Reliable: we provide flexible and customized high-tech PV / Security solutions and reliable support to fit your specific needs.

Core Values:

Create values for customer, professional, prominent technical innovation

Our Guidance

  • Pursuit of all in Harmony is responsible to society, clients and employees.
  • Be the leader of grid parity.
  • Stay focus and persevere on high-quality and competitive price products, and benefit the society.
  • Establish direct and timely-response communicate channels for clients and provide the best solution.

Our Strategies

  • Seek market share with high quality products and competitive price
  • Cooperate with upstream manufacturers, and expand downstream business in depth
  • Global operation, personalized service and support
  • Emphasize on R&D and technical innovation

Our services:

  • Applications and Solutions, for New, Renewable and Smart Energy
    • Design, Construction, Installation and Supply of New and Renewable Energy Plants
    • Advanced Solutions provides your business how to produce self-sufficient, clean, and more affordable energy from the Sun utilizing Solar Systems for CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) Increasing
    • Energy Savings Solutions, utilizing Smart Lighting Systems for OPEX (Operational Expenditure) Savings.
    • Money, Time. Energy Save all of them with Advanced Solutions
    • Operation and Maintenance of their own.
  • Applications and solutions, for network and security systems
    • Design, Construction, Installation and Supply of Control / Security Systems and Internal Control Cameras and the Work of Networks and Operation / Maintenance of their own
  • Technical and Engineering Consulting
    • Projects, Performance and Asset Management
    • Provide Electrical Consulting Services EPC (Engineering – Procurement – Construction)